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Reducing employee vacation scheduling dilemmas in 3 easy steps

by on March 12, 2013

With the arrival of sunnier days, there is one inevitable dilemma that all business owners will soon have to face – employee vacation scheduling. For most business owners and managers, keeping their employees happy and at the same time preventing business operations from serious disruption, is quite a challenge. It’s almost sure that at some point complications and conflicts will occur. Instead of having nightmares about what can happen when two or more key staff members request the same vacation days, it is better to implement these three easy steps ahead of time to minimize problems with vacation scheduling in the future.


1. Vacation policy. It is always a good idea to have a clear, written company policy on vacation leaves, which would be presented to all new hires. It should contain basic rules of applying for vacation leave, for instance:

– how long in advance the absence request should be submitted,

– indication of peak periods in business, when taking any vacation days is discouraged,

– information that in case of extraordinary situation all employees might be requested to rearrange their vacation plans. Some of those events may include: market changes, health related leave of another employee and other important and unexpected reasons.


2. Temporary replacement. It is crucial to always think about who will be able to cover for absent employees in your company. Everything can happen. Beside the vacation period, people can get sick, especially during the flu season or have important family reasons to take couple days off etc. In order to keep business operations running smoothly, it is important to be prepared for every situation that may occur. Vacationers should prepare basic information for those who will cover for them during vacation period, including: any passwords, important information, key contacts, summary of work in progress, projects deadlines etc.


3. Vacation scheduling software. Implementation of OffiServ online application can save many business owners and organizations time, money and headaches. It allows to easily manage all aspects of scheduling vacation requests. Some of the OffiServ benefits include:


Easy scheduling. Every employee has their own absence planner including all vacation and sick days presented in clear and easily manageable form. Color marks indicate whether their requests have been accepted or not. It takes only one click to submit vacation request or to cancel existing ones. OffiServ application supports vacation planning during the year, showing how many days of each leave type are still to be used by employees.


Automated absence requests workflow. When an employee marks vacation days in their calendar, OffiServ application automatically generates vacation request and sends it directly to the employee’s manager for approval.


Tracking made simple. OffiServ allows to quickly check who is currently on vacation. Managers can check all absence plans of their employees and employees can easily check vacation plans of their colleagues for more efficient vacation and temporary replacement planning. You can even integrate your other IT systems with OffiServ via simple API (application programming interface) to implement comprehensive presence management in your organization by taking into account current employee status to optimize your processes.


Flexible configuration. Regardless of where the company is based, OffiServ can be easily configured to suit all needs of the companies and organizations, including adjustment to specific country law and holidays and to specific absence types.


Developing a good and easy to follow system of employee vacation scheduling and tracking can make a huge difference in staff efficiency and their motivation. Keeping employees happy is crucial for smooth business operations. Thanks to implementation of OffiServ application for planning, tracking and managing all aspects of employee absences, it is easy to make sure every staff member is satisfied.


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