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Analyzing the top ten benefits of using OffiServ Help Desk service in your office

by on February 22, 2013

Analyzing the top ten benefits of using OffiServ Help Desk service in your office.


Help Desk systems are created for employees to report any issues that may occur during everyday operations. We could probably think about hundreds of reasons why the owners of enterprises should use automated Help Desk services like OffiServ in their offices. We will try to recognize the top ten of them below.


1. Efficiency. Thanks to using OffiServ Help Desk system  users can easily and conveniently report their problems and related updates. Business owners are paying top salaries for their employees knowledge and experience, so it would be a shame to waste their time on ineffective processes like, for instance, dealing with office equipment not working properly. Thanks to OffiServ Help Desk application it’s easy to keep users informed about the status of their ticket, so they can make better decisions and use their time more efficiently.


2. Diversification and multitasking. Technicians, whose work is supported by OffiServ Help Desk, can solve many problems at once. For example, when different issues occur at the same place, support crew can save time on making one trip to the location instead of multiple ones. If there is more than one person in the organization working on tech issues, implementing Help Desk system can help to avoid a situation of doing the same job twice. 


3. Easy solution to all problems. OffiServ Help Desk application offers its users one easy solution to all their problems at the same location. Employees can simply create new tickets, check the status of existing ones and close no longer relevant tickets at the same spot.


4. Time tracking. Every business owner knows that ‘time is money’. That’s why an optimization of its use is really important in any business. OffiServ Help Desk allows to track time spent on fixing specific problems, so it’s easy to determine approximate length of any repair for future reference.


5. Group purchase requests. When employees request any items, they no longer need to ask for them in person or over the phone. Grouping purchase requests in one place allows users on both sides to use their time more effectively and helps to make sure everyone in organization will receive any important tools to fulfill their job.


6. Prioritization. There are different levels of importance when it comes to solving operational issues on a daily basis. In order to keep employees  productive and operations running smoothly, it’s good to know which of the problems need to be resolved first. Implementation of Help Desk system allows technicians to determine which of submitted tickets have the highest priority, so they can work on them first.


7. Reoccurring tasks. Many of incoming tickets refer to issues that have already been solved in the past. Problems occurring frequently can be easily resolved, thanks to support crew having easy access to previously submitted tickets. Again, it saves lots of time and helps allocating human resources in more efficient way.


8. Deadlines. It’s easier to sort through the projects, organize and complete them, when they have deadlines. OffiServ Help Desk allows to track multi-step tasks through to completion. It also helps with prioritization of tasks for better use of company’s resources.


9. Right person for the right job. Depending on a nature of an issue, incoming tickets can be easily assigned to the person that has the right set of skills to resolve them. It allows for better use of time and resources, also eliminating issues with inefficient task juggling between employees responsible for tech support.


10. Information organized. While reporting over the phone usually provides technicians with more specific information about the issue, automatic Help Desk services allow to collect lots of data that can be stored and used to improve the actual business operations in the future. Implementing OffiServ Help Desk application provides business owners with detailed reports, that can help them to optimize any of the processes having place in their organizations.


Time consuming daily tasks, that slow down business operations, can be easily eliminated. Even those business owners, who have delegated an employee to answer phone calls and log problems manually, could save much of such important resources, like time, money and labor, hiring automated OffiServ Help Desk service. Thanks to use of Help Desk, information can be easily organized, and interactions and processes within the organization simplified.


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