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OffiServ Is Going Live!

by on August 27, 2012

We are preparing OffiServ for going commercial! So it is the right time to announce OffiServ pricing.

We worked hard to create a pricing model which should fit needs and budget of every customer while still allowing OffiServ to ramp up the business and secure OffiServ‘s development and quality of service.

We offer 3 subscription plans, effective today:

  • OffiServ Free – you can use this plan for trial, pilot deployment or small team with very tight budget for maximum 5 people.
  • OffiServ Standard– ideal solution for a small and medium organizations. The plan is free for first 30 days for all our new customers and even longer for our existing Beta customers.
  • OffiServ Pro – for bigger organizations. Not yet available in the on-line payment system. Write an email or submit a special payment assistance request on the payments page to get a quote for the Pro plan.
Image of Payments page

Payments page – click to zoom

The plans differ also by number of available features. Additional User Packs and Feature Packs can be simply added to Standard and Pro plans. You can read more on the OffiServ pricing at our new pricing page.

Terms Of Use have been revised according to the new pricing model.

Note to Our Beloved, Existing Beta Customers

If you are our existing Beta customer: In compliance with our Beta Terms Of Use we offer you at least 60 days free with your current settings (number of users and selected features).

We do appreciate your commitment and trust in OffiServ: in case you need more time to decide on the pricing plan or arrange the decisions necessary within your organization then please do contact us – we’d like to work out a pricing model fitting you best.  Also please drop us a message if our standard offer does not fit your organization or you have any other doubts or thoughts on the pricing model.

Payment methods

We provide you with convenient, credit-card based payment method based on the globally known, secure PayPal service. We accept  SWIFT/IBAN wire transfers as well. In case you need to arrange other payment method or require any special treatment you can use “Special assistance or custom payment method is needed?” option.

Payment methods selection is available once you choose Standard Plan and save your settings:

Payments methods selection in OffiServ - screenshot

Payments methods selection in OffiServ

About OffiServ sp. z o. o.

OffiServ sp. z o. o.  (en: LLC/Ltd) is a new commercial law company, settled in European Union‘s member state of Poland, one of the strongest economies in EU.

The company has been funded by the OffiServ Team members.  The company has already received significant capital investment by ARP S.A. Capital Fund backed by EU’s Innovative Economy Programme (Measure 3.1 – Initiating of Innovative Activity).  The strong capital support and settlement in stable EU member state makes OffiServ reliable and secure business partner.

In case you need any additional company details for your purchase decision, drop us an email or submit your request through “Special assistance or custom payment method is needed?” option on the payments page.


We strive to make the service better, more useful, with more features and higher quality and user experience. To dedicate all possible resources to the service development, going commercial is a natural step. All your feedback is very appreciated! You can contact us directly through e-mail or by submitting a Problem to OffiServ in Help menu of the application or by using “Special assistance or custom payment method is needed?” option after choosing the appropriate payment plan on the payments page.

OffiServ sp. z o.o. Team.

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