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OffiServ Users Configuration

by on November 15, 2011

After registering your organization in OffiServ it is good to know how to efficiently configure other users from your organization. Configuring users might be not as exciting as working with other features. But it is very important to create your organization structure correctly, as OffiServ‘s power can be fully felt when more users start using the service.

How to Start

To start configuring users you have to click Structure of the organization menu item in Organization menu. On the beginning of using OffiServ there is also a special ticket on Your Tickets list reminding about filling in the employees structure: you can click the ticket title as well.

Main page - access Structure of the Organization page

Main page - access Structure of the Organization page

Add an Employee

You should land on the page as on the screenshot below.

Structure of the Organization page

Structure of the Organization page

To add an employee – choose an existing employee, presumably you, and click New subordinate or New colleague button:

  • New subordinate: will create a new user as a subordinate of the currently selected user.
  • New colleague: will create a new user as a peer of the currently selected user
Add a new employee

Add a new employee

Then fill in the basic employee contact information like business e-mail and phone numbers. You can also setup his or her roles adequately to the job position. Once you are done – click Invite button on bottom.

The newly user will appear on the structure tree. OffiServ will send invitation on the provided e-mail address. Invitation will contain one-time password which the user can change after first login.

Google Apps Integration

If you created OffiServ account as Google Apps integration, other users from Google Apps domain will automatically be added once they enter OffiServ, for instance by clicking OffiServ in Google Apps top menu. Please note they will be added as top-level employees which is not necessarily what is needed. You can safely drag and drop them to the proper place in the organizational  structure, as described in the following chapter.

Of course, nothing wrong will happen if you add Google Apps users  to the system manually – they will receive invitation e-mail without password and OffiServ will properly recognize them through Google Apps account.

Organization Structure

Usually the top level user should be CEO, President or similar position. Top-level user have some special privileges, like a possibility to self-approve leave requests, purchase requests etc. Please note it is different role than Administrator! So once you have added all the employees to the proper places of the organizational structure, you can move yourself to the right place in the structure – you will still keep your administrative privileges in OffiServ.

To move an employee from one place of organizational structure to another you have to drag the employee to the new place. If the employee has some subordinates, they will be moved with him or her. You can also use Cut and Paste buttons if you are not especially keen on drag&drop.

More on Roles in OffiServ

Every user of OffiServ might have some roles assigned, according to the job duties. Here is the list of the roles:

Employee Every employee in your organization. You cannot remove this role.
Human Resources Manages employee data – e.g. manages vacation days limits.
IT Serves IT tickets.
Manager Employee manager. This role allows to change employees information, change organizational structure and approve purchase requests of own subordinates or peer’s subordinates.
Office maintenance Serves office equipment tickets.
OffiServ administrator Administers OffiServ site of organization. Can perform any operation.
Purchasing Realizes purchase requests after they are approved by a manager.
Resource keeper – resource group Manages resources, reservations and lendings in the resource group.

Wrap up

Configuring employees in OffiServ is plain, simple and intuitive. This a few minutes initial investment will pay you back as OffiServ will intelligently use the organization structure to properly direct tickets, requests and to enforce adequate permissions.

In case you have any troubles or questions – please do not hesitate to contact us through Submit problem to OffiServ option in the Help menu or just drop a comment below the blog post!

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