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Dates localized in OffiServ

by on April 26, 2011

We improve the service continuously. We have just completed several improvements. One of the significant and frequently requested improvements is possibility to customize date format to the form which is used in your country.

Now it is possible to configure the date format: date can be displayed as 2011-01-17 or 01/17/11. Customization of time format is available as well: now 12-hour and 24-hour time formats are supported.

How To Change Date Format

The date and time formats can be configured on Organization→Configuration page.

The picture below presents a panel that allows configuring date and time formats.

Date is defined as combination of letters y, m and d. Lets take as example 17 Jan 2011 date. yyyy is long format of year i.e. 2011 while yy is a short format: 11. The same month and day: m – 1 and mm – 01.
Between y, m and d letters there can be any other signs e.g. -, . or /.

Let’s see how it will look for Taiwan date format:

and now Polish date format:

Time format can be 12-hour or 24-hour. As it is shown on pictures one or the other can be selected. In 12-hour format AM and PM are added to the end.


We hope that it will make using the service more comfortable. Now throughout the service dates and times are displayed according to your settings. Notification emails respect date/time formats as well.


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