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OffiServ API

by on April 14, 2011

We would like to announce the availability of OffiServ API for developers. It allows deeper integration of your current IT solutions with OffiServ.


The OffiServ API is an open API that allows access to the service using programming interface. Developers can acquire data from the service, manipulate it and also invoke actions. OffiServ API is based on REST model and uses JSON for data formats.


Access to the API is available only to authenticated users. Authentication employs form + cookie approach. To make your data safe all requests sent to the service must use HTTPS protocol.

Sign in procedure

The URI to sign in form is /data/login. To get a cookie required for subsequent operations you have to send POST with JSON body containing proper email and password fields. Returned cookie should be included in following requests to the service.

Here is a usage example using cURL, a tool for submitting HTTP requests using command line (available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X):

$ curl -v -X POST -c cookies.txt -d '{"email": "", "password": "123"}'

Service resources roots

Application resources in OffiServ are put in hierarchical structure. There are defined several special URIs that are roots of the application resources structure:

/data/companies/my – GET method returns the organization of currently signed in user
/data/users/me – GET method returns currently signed in user

$ curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -v -X GET

$ curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -v -X GET


More details about the API can be found on The OffiServ API page. It provides URIs of the services, formats of data and examples. We hope that it will improve integration of your organization with OffiServ service.


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