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Repeating reservations

by on February 23, 2011

We are just shipping a brand new feature: repeating reservations.

Repeating reservations are useful to schedule a series of reservations that are repeating daily, weekly or monthly. New form for repeating reservations will show up next to date entries when you choose one of the options in the Repeating combo box:

Daily repeating reservations

When a user changes Repeating field from none to daily then a special form is shown below. There is an input box for selecting how often the reservation should be repeated, i.e. 1 means every day, 3 – every 3rd day. The checkbox allows skipping weekends in the sequence. Below the user can indicate when the repeating reservation should end. In the picture below until date option is selected. It means that the reservation should be repeated until indicated date. Another option is to set how many times the reservation should occur.

Weekly repeating reservations

Weekly repeating allows scheduling reservations in weekly periods. The user can specify how frequently the reservation should be repeated: once a week, bi-weekly, once for 4 weeks, etc. Using a set of checkboxes below the user can select in which days of week the reservation should be made, e.g. on Mondays and Thursdays.

Monthly repeating reservations

Monthly repeating can be set to occur once a month or once for several months. A user can select if the reservation should occur according to day of the month e.g. every 21st day of month, or according to day of week in month e.g. 3rd Monday of month.


The new feature, repeating reservations, now makes easier scheduling reservations that occurs periodically. Now user can make a reservation that is repeated daily, weekly or monthly.
Is this feature useful for you? Do you need something more than these scheduling schemes?

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