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Make OffiServ Tickets Fit Your Needs: Custom Fields

by on November 14, 2010

The long awaited moment has come: OffiServ has a brand new feature often requested by our users. Custom fields in tickets are very useful if you would like to align tickets usage to your company’s needs or current practices. You can add some custom attributes to your tickets in a few clicks.


To start select Custom fields configuration option in the Tickets menu:

You’ll see a list of custom fields for Office Equipment issue type. To manage custom fields for another ticket type just select it. Let’s select Computer Issue ticket type.

To add a new custom field you have just to click Add field button and fill in some details. For example, some of our users asked if there could be added “Application” field to allow sorting tickets by different applications supported by IT department. Here is how to do this.

  1. Add a new field by clicking Add field button.
  2. Type a name of the field. The name may contain spaces or your local language characters.
  3. Select Limited choice field type. This is one of the available field types:
    • Text line – single line of text
    • Text area – a bigger portion of text
    • Limited choice – it will be displayed as a drop-down list with values you can choose from
  4. Enter Choice list items. Once you are done you can also provide a Default value.
  5. Mark field flags as intended:
    • Required – means that the field will be required to be non-empty when a user submits a ticket
    • Visible – means that the field will be visible. Unchecking it will hide the field without removing data which have been already entered by users into this field in past tickets.
    • On lists – means that the field value will be put in a columns on Incoming Tickets and Outgoing Tickets lists.
  6. Click Save.

Now use Edit or Delete actions in case you would want to change your field definition or remove the field permanently:

That’s all about configuration! If now you would like to see how your brand new field works then read on.

Using Custom Fields

Click Computer Issue menu item from Tickets menu to initiate submission of a new ticket.

Now in the form you will see both standard fields and your brand new custom field. For Computer Issue there are 3 standard fields:

  • Problem description – a brief problem description. 1st sentence of the description will be the subject for the ticket.
  • Problem kind – there are 3 categories, quite self-descriptive.
  • Severity – this is very important for IT support to know how severe is the issue, to help prioritize it properly.

Fill in the fields and choose one of the Applications you entered in your custom fields configuration.

Now you can Submit the ticket.

Once you have submitted it you can access the ticket your Outgoing tickets list:


Custom fields are great if you want to store more structural information than OffiServ defaults. But keep in mind that the more fields users have to fill the more chance that they will not manage to fill in the form. In such a case users will call or write e-mail instead of using the system.

Try to balance your information needs with users’ abilities and time to fill in the forms. This will make custom fields in OffiServ tickets a very useful tool for your organization.

In case you would like to know more or you have some suggestion how to improve custom fields in OffiServ – we will be grateful for dropping a comment on the blog or submitting an OffiServ Support ticket!

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