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Booking Improved

by on October 21, 2010

One of shortcomings of OffiServ’s booking & lending module was that it allowed only reserving resources with a half hour granularity. Now we improved that by introducing scheduling for any time range. We have also made several other refinements.

Changes in Reservation Form

The changes start from reservation form.

Until now time could be chosen from a combo box where only discrete values like 09:00 or 13:30 where available. As you can see on the picture above, now it is possible also to enter any arbitrary time like 15:25 or even 17:21, if you wish.

New Schedule Grid

The following changes are related to the schedule grid. Now it is capable of displaying reservations and selections for arbitrary times provided in reservation form.

The picture above presents a page of booking module. Below the reservation form there is the new grid. The grid contains rows (one for each resource) that contain time entries. The row presents when the resource is available and when reserved.

The latest changes brings also improvements to grid’s header. Passed time is shown in dark yellow, future time in light yellow while current time in orange.

The grid is used in the following way. When user picks start and end time of booking in the reservation form then the selection is drawn on the grid. The selection is presented as thin bars on resources rows. Green bars indicate that the resource in selected period for time is available. Red bars mark a conflict of selected time with already made reservations presented as light red entries in resource’s row.

Generally green entries in a resource row indicate that the resource is available. A user can pick a resource on grid by clicking it. Then the whole row becomes darker. It can be seen on picture above: third row is selected while first and second not.

The blue color of the second row indicates that the resource is not available because e.g. it is in maintenance or is just being repaired.

When a user moves mouse over any kind of entries on grid there will appear a balloon that describes given entry. The picture below shows description of reservation that is pointed by a mouse cursor.

When a user moves mouse over a red selection the balloon will show with which reservations the selection is in conflict.

After selecting both a period of time and an available resource a user can type a reason or description of booking and then click Reserve button. This will submit reservation to OffiServ server. After a while the grid will update and just requested reservation will be marked as booked.


We have introduced several changes and improvements to booking & lending module. The most important one is arbitrary time of reservations. We hope that it will bring more benefits and comfort of use to you and your coworkers.

I’d like to suggest our previous post that presents resource management more wider: Booking Shared Equipment using OffiServ.

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