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Import resources from spreadsheet using Drag and Drop

by on October 19, 2010

We have a piece of good news for all users who would like to manage company resources booking using OffiServ. Now you can import your list of conference rooms or mobile phones from Excel or OpenOffice file using simple drag and drop.

Drag and Drop Resources Import

Users often use spreadsheets to store and manage lists. This is why OffiServ introduced drag and drop resources import from a spreadsheet.You can import a two column list of resources to OffiServ. First column is a resource name, the second – a resource description.

Note: currently the drag and drop import works on Windows platform. It was tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

To import list of resources into a resources group click import action beside the resource group you want to import resources into.

Then select the items in your spreadsheet. Do not include the header row.

Now you can drag and drop the items into the OffiServ table. Using Microsoft Internet Explorer you can also copy the items and paste them using right-click menu Paste option.

Please note that drag and drop from Microsoft Excel requires you to drag the border of the selection while in you can drag interior of the selection area as well.

Once you dragged or pasted your items you will see them in the table.

Now just click import to import the items as new resources. If the resources have been imported without issues, you will see the yellow confirmation box.

There is also a link to move to Resource Management where you can review, modify or delete particular  resources, including those just imported.

Now every employee can book one of the imported conference rooms using ResourcesConference Rooms menu item.


Importing resources from spreadsheets is useful in many companies where Excel or OpenOffice are used by Facility Managers or IT Managers to store equipment information. Using OffiServ’s drag and drop import feature it is now even simpler to add or update resources available to employees for reservation or lending in OffiServ.

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