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Enabling and Disabling Features in OffiServ

by on September 5, 2010

One of features requested by our users was enabling and disabling some parts of OffiServ. This could allow providing in an organization only selected functionality that is supported there. For example if an organization does not want to offer Purchase Requests process to its employees then it could be disabled in OffiServ.

We sat down and worked on this and now we are happy to present what we have created for you.

Feature scope selection

Selecting features is available on OffiServ configuration page. To get there Configuration position must be clicked in Organization menu. See the picture below.

On configuration page ther are visible several panels. One of them, Features of OffiServ, shows list of available features in the service. Currently following features can be enabled or disabled:

  • Tickets – Office Equipment
  • Tickets – Computer Issues
  • Tickets – Purchase Requests
  • Resources Management

Clicking Save button after selecting or deselecting features makes them available or not to users.

Clipped UI

Disabling one of the features causes that it is now longer available on user interface. As desired this part of functionality is not accessible to users.

This picture present menu and main page with all features available.

This picture presents menu and main page when Resources and Purchase Request tickets are disabled.

As you can see disabled features are now longer visible nor available to users.


Thanks to possibility of selecting scope of features in OffiServ administrators can clip service functionality. Then employees can use only the parts of service designated by administrators. This might be useful when some parts of the service are not intended to be used or not supported in an organization. For instance, one can disable Computer Problem tickets when the organization does not have IT support or IT department that could serve them.

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